Experienced lawyers protect your child’s future

Students today face a highly competitive environment where any blot on their record could make the difference in educational and career advancement. Yet, many educational institutions show marked lapses in professionalism that impose undue hardships on students. If your child has been the target of unfair, negligent or unlawful educational practices, Lyons Phillips Legal Group PLLC is prepared to help. Our experienced legal team works diligently to resolve disputes that could unfairly deprive students of their legal rights. We seek injunctive relief that compels educational institutions to remedy unfair practices, and in some cases we can obtain monetary damages.

Skilled representation on a wide range of education matters

Students and their parents invest a great deal in their education. Yet decisions at educational institutions are often arbitrary and indefensible. From calculating grades to censoring of student publications to enforcing “zero-toleration” policies, teachers and administrators often take actions contrary to sound pedagogical practice. Our law firm handles a wide range of disputes related to education, including:

  • Access to special education
  • Access to student records
  • Athletics
  • Bus accidents
  • Confidentiality violation
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Discrimination
  • Due process violations
  • Liability for injury

We work with students and parents on conflicts at all levels of the educational system, involving teachers, administrators, institutions, school contractors, school districts, school boards, and mental health and child welfare providers.

Creatively resolving education conflicts

Because students and parents have so much invested in their relationship with their school district or educational institution, our general approach is to mend relationships by seeking agreeable resolutions through negotiation or mediation. However, when opposing parties are not cooperative, we consider any available legal remedy. Our primary goal is protecting our client’s rights and ensuring students have the educational experience they deserve.

Supporting students with special education needs

When your child has special education needs, the first step is to obtain an Individualized Education Program (IEP), which describes a precise plan of action for teachers and other school personnel. Once the IEP is in place, our attorneys help parents ensure that the program is properly implemented to address their children’s special needs. We also work with you to secure and maintain related services that your child needs and deserves.


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