Dedicated Monongalia County firm drafts effective wills and trusts

Regardless of your age or financial status, sound estate planning is necessary to protect your loved ones. With assistance from a knowledgeable attorney, you can establish legal arrangements to help ensure your directions will be honored. Lyons Phillips Legal Group PLLC in Morgantown provides complete estate planning counsel to clients in Monongalia County and throughout West Virginia. With more than three decades of combined experience, our attorneys can create wills, trusts, guardianship documents and other legal instruments that meet your specific needs. Don’t put your family at risk by letting state intestacy laws decide how your property is allocated. We will craft a complete estate plan that meets your express wishes.

Skilled attorneys provide comprehensive counsel on wills

Creating a clear, enforceable will is a key part of any estate plan. Our lawyers can guide you through each step of the process, including:

  • Choosing an executor — Finding the right person to carry out your final instructions is an important task. We explain the duties that an executor performs for an estate so that you can select an appropriate representative.
  • Drafting — As you decide how to transfer your property upon your death, we make sure that legal requirements are satisfied and that you understand issues such as taxes and jointly held assets.
  • Revisions — If you have a will but haven’t reviewed it in several years, our firm can work with you to see if it still reflects your wishes. Where changes are necessary, we will make revisions.

Whether you have a simple estate or one with complicated assets such as business ownership, our firm will keep you apprised of your options and handle each task in a professional, cost-effective manner.

Knowledgeable advisers assist with living trusts and other instruments

Many people think of trusts as instruments only for the wealthy, but trusts can provide any estate with a range of benefits. A living trust allows you to retain access to your property throughout your lifetime before passing it to those you choose. Upon your death, the trust’s assets shift immediately to your named beneficiaries without having to go through the probate process. Our firm sets up these arrangements and other types of trusts to help families avoid taxes, establish charitable legacies, or achieve other specific objectives.

Established lawyers assist with adult guardianships or conservatorships

If you are responsible for a disabled adult, establishing a guardianship and/or conservatorship may be vitally important. Our lawyers take the time to prepare the necessary documents to help you establish the solution that is best for your situation.


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